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Frequently Asked Questions

Gameplay Questions

What is this game about?


What's the setting?


Do I have to know Greek myth to play?

It would be helpful, certainly, but the information pages should help you with that.

What happens when my character arrives?


What items can my character arrive with?

Your character will arrive with whatever is on them at the point in canon you're pulling them from, not including weapons.

Tell me about the gods! Are there any NPCs? Can my character interact with the gods?


Does my character have to choose one god to give tribute to?

No. You can participate in any sexual activity without having a patron deity. However, since every god has to divide that energy evenly, bonuses are equally generic for those who are not dedicated to one god.

Do you have to write the actual sex in order to play here, or can I fade to black?

This is a sex game. It has been put together to have an encouraging, relaxing, and safe space to play out smut and kinks. We will not turn away anyone who would rather fade to black, however we will not count any fade to black threads for bonus submissions. It would be unfair to players who actually thread out their scenes.

What if my character will never have sex? Will they be penalized?

You are not ever required to have your character participate in sex. However, you will not have access to any in game bonuses. This is non-negotiable. Also, the NPCs brought your character here to have sex. The longer your character abstains the more attention they will draw. Be aware that incentives will be offered to characters to seduce yours into participation. You have 100% say on whether or not any seduction attempt is successful, just be prepared to have to deal with this eventuality.

Is there an age limit for players or characters?

Players must be 18 or older. Characters must be considered adults by their species.

What about pregnancy or STDs?

While your character is in PLACE NAME, they will not be able to get pregnant or get STDS.

Can my character just have sex with one person?

Yep. Go for it.

Does anything count? ie. Frottage, handjobs, blowjobs, one character has an orgasm but the other doesn't, etc

Just about anything counts. The only thing we won't take is solo masturbation. That amounts to basically rping with yourself. Threads for bonus must involve two people performing some kind of sexual activity.

Is there a network of some type?

Yes. Hephaestus has created a device that allows for direct person to person communication, as well as mass communication. You will receive one upon arrival. Don't lose it.

What about language?

Whatever your original language, you can now speak a common one with your fellow abductees. It sounds like English. If your character only ever knew how to speak French or Elvish, congratulations, they are now bilingual.

Where will they live? Can they get a job/create a business?


Will there be events?

Yes. There will be periodic events to give characters something to play off of. We are also open to player run plots, with prior Mod approval for anything too grand scale. If you have a suggestion for a type of event, please feel free to pm the Mod account. If we use your idea, we will give proper credit when it rolls out.

What is there to do besides having sex?


Is there an activity check?

Nope! It's just a check-in each month, although you can turn in threads in which sex occurred to gain ic rewards given by the gods.

What kinds of rewards can my character get?

Rewards are dependent on which god you have chosen to follow. Please see the Rewards Page for details.

What if my character wants to leave?

It's only natural for people who have been abducted to want to leave. However, escapees will find that to be highly difficult. The gods want you to stay. Those who attempt to fly out, will find themselves blinded by the sun and overwhelmed by heat, enough to make even the most stalwart swoon back to the ground. If you attempt to run, Hephaestus's magical robot guards will stop you and bring you back. And if you think to try the sewer labyrinth, keep in mind it is both a sewer and a labyrinth. You will not find a way out, but you will likely find some unpleasantness.

Can my character get sick or injured? Can they die?

While they won't need to worry about sickness, injury isn't something they are being protected from. Neither is death. While you are certainly needed alive, Hades never likes letting go of his subjects. You're going to owe him for your revival.

What will I owe Hades?

Death will wipe away your god affiliation and immediately make you Hades' property for a full six months, regardless of your standing with Hestia's temple. Bonuses requirements will be doubled. After six months, you can either remain in his service, or submit to Hestia's service for a month to change affiliations. Bonus requirements return to normal.

What's the policy on crime here?


What happens if I need to hiatus or drop my character?

All you need to do for a hiatus is to comment on the hiatus page. Your character can go on autopilot, or if you would like them to, they can __________. Post drops to the Drop Page, and your character will simply vanish from the game.

Can I canon update my character?

Yes. Generally, canon updates will be an overnight transition. When your character wakes up, they will be updated. Here is the canon update page.

App Questions

When are reserves open? Apps?

No reserves necessary! You can submit your app at any time during the month. However, apps will only be processed between the 12th and the 15th of every month. Here is the app page!

What kinds of characters are allowed here?

We allow canon characters, original characters, canon AU characters, canon OC characters, CRAUs, malleable protagonists, and characters with little canon. We do not allow player-made AU characters at this time.

How many characters can I app?

At this time our limit is 2, to avoid over saturation. This may change in the future.

Can I app a non-human or non-humanoid character?

Yes, but keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with pairing with wildly different species. You app at your own risk.

Can I app two characters from the same canon?

Yes, if they will have no reason to interact with each other. We may be a sex game but we're not into museterbation ;)

What about two different incarnations of a character? ie. Captain Kirk in The Original Series and Captain Kirk in the reboot

This is totally fine, however we recommend looking at the Canon Cap before applying, as we will be putting large canons under the same umbrella at this time.

Can I app a god?

Yes, but only if they're a god from a work of fiction, like Lucifer from Lucifer, and so on. The Greek gods are definitely not appable.

Is there a cap on powers?

You may keep your powers! However, if any of your character's abilities seem like they may potentially break the setting, we will ask that you reduce them when you apply.

Can my character bring their animal?

No, sorry. Not at this time.

My question wasn't answered here! What do I do?

Feel free to leave us a comment below or pm the mod account!