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one: All players must be 18 or older. This is non-negotiable.

two: Be respectful. No harassment, no bullying. We want this to have a positive, fun atmosphere. Please respect someone's wishes if they don't want to play certain things, and please warn for triggering content in subject lines.

three: IC =/= OOC, so if your character is fighting with another character, remember it's just for fun! IC actions = IC consequences.

four: Stay in character. Stay active. There's not an activity check, but please don't take on a character that you'll never post with.

five: No infomodding or godmodding. You can't control someone else's character, and you can't just assume things with no basis to it.

six: Communication is awesome! If you don't understand something, feel like someone's been rude, or have a problem, just contact that person or the mods! We can work it! Ask before breaking the fourth wall.

seven: Please, no kink-shaming. We're all here to have fun with smut. If you don't like it, don't play it! Events in game may occasionally play with consent a little, but opting out is always an option. The aim of this game is to be a sex game where consensual sex happens.

eight: Post to the correct communities.

explanation of communities here.

nine: Please message one of the mods if you're having a problem or if you have a question. We want this to be a relaxed game, but bullying is so not cool. We work on a two strikes and you're out system.