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Title: Restless
Fandom: Inception, Baldur's Gate
Rating/Warnings: E for Everyone B)
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Syeira, Arthur and Syeira
Summary: prompt- restless


Rustle, rustle.

“Syeiraaaa,” Arthur complains.

The rustling stops, and he feels something hot rest on his arm.

“Why're you so warm?” he slurs, sitting up. When he looks at Syeira, he can see she's miserable. She's sweaty and disheveled and flushed. He takes her by the chin and puts a hand to her forehead. “Sick.”

“No, you,” she teases tiredly, and he smiles.

“Hold on.”


“Just a second!”

“You don't need to baby me,” she says as she watches him gather his sick supplies. Extra blankets and pillows, pills, water. He sneaks to the bathroom and wets a washcloth under cool water, and he slips it on her forehead once he's back by her side, pushing her back down onto the bed.

“You'll probably prefer not to have all my body heat when you're running a fever,” he says, gathering his things off the floor. He feels a tug on his pants and turns. Syeira smiles tiredly, her fiery hair a mess around her head.


He hesitates, then slips back into bed with her. She doesn't curl into him, but she rests a hand on his arm. He closes his eyes.

Rustle. Rustle, rustle.

He opens his eyes and frowns at her legs moving on the bedspread.



“Go to sleep,” he says mildly. When she finally drifts off to sleep, she's smiling.

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