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Kate ([personal profile] pixiesticks) wrote2016-12-26 09:31 pm


We must be plurk friends for you to enter.
If you want a funko pop, you must be willing for me to have your address. I promise I won't show up like a crazy person. I also reserve the right to refuse to make any funko pops that might be too hard for me.

The things I'm giving away.

- 2 customized funko pops.
(This may take a month or two, depending on the difficulty. They will not look factory-made, but they will be painted nicely and sprayed with a matte spray. When you win, we'll discuss exactly what you want. I don't have any current photos of my customized funko pops at the moment, but I'll try to get some up soon.)

- 2 people can get 60 dreamwidth points each.

- 4 people can get icons. here is my commissions page and [community profile] araneous also has some examples of my work. I'm going to stick with up to 50 icons per person.

To enter:

Either respond to one of my plurks about this, or leave a comment here with your plurk name. It's that simple!

If you'd rather give your points or icons to someone else, that's fine. Heck, if you want the funko pop to be made for a friend, that's fine, too. I just don't want to have my street address sent to someone not on my timeline, so I'd be mailing the funko pop to you, not them.

The winners will be picked with rng, and you get to pick which prize you want. So the first random person can pick a funko pop, and so can the second, but once the prizes are gone, you can only pick from what's available.

I'll pick the winners sometime tomorrow (Dec 27). I'll plurk this a few times. You'll be given a number, and 1 will get to choose before 2 can, and so on.

I THINK THAT'S IT but feel free to pp me if you have any questions! Happy Holidays, and thank you for being such great friends! ♥

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